Service rendering rules.
You should read the following before you decide to make use of ukrcash Payment center services.

"The Service rendering agreement", stated below explains the rights and duties of the User as to the access and using the services rendered by Payment center, and/or his assignees and/or his representatives and/or Payment center partners".
1. Products and services.
- ukrcash renders the services of non automated exchange of electronic payment systems units, both between each other and into the international monetary funds (international currencies) and visa versa.
- ukrcash does not check the competence and legality owning by the User , the monetary funds that are offered by the User for exchange, and does not carry our monitoring of the User operations in any of the electronic payment systems or banking structure (a bank, a credit or investment structure).
- Electronic payment systems and/or Banks are exclusively responsible for the monetary funds entrusted to them by the Users. ukrcash is not a party to the agreement between an Electronic payment systems and its User is by no means responsible for misuse or abuse of the corresponding system and/or a Bank as well as for functionality abuse of this system by the User. Mutual rights and duties of the User and the electronic payment system and/or a bank are regulated by the rules and agreements accepted in the corresponding system and/or a Bank.
- The services offered by ukrcash are not intended for use and/or are not available in the countries where it is illegal. The User is fully responsible for the local law observance.

Attention! we were forced to close all exchange directions for citizens of USA, that was due to changes in U.S. law.

- ukrcash has a right to refuse rendering the service without mentioning the reason to any person which he/she will be informed of in the written form.
- ukrcash has a right to terminate the relations with the User in case of getting the information inducing ukrcash to do so.
- ukrcash has a right to suspend service rendering to the User if:
a) the User violates any of the conditions of the present Agreement or any “Additional agreements ".
b) At the insolvency, death or other disability of the User while up to the moment gets the information about it all the payments carries out under a certain transaction conditions between and the User will be valid.
- The User has a right to temporarily stop using the services and/or decline the services of, and consequently terminate the action of the present Agreement conditions and any “Additional agreements", having sent to ukrcash the corresponding notification. Any termination of service rendering will be done without any damage to the rights of and obligations of the User as well as the debts of ukrcash from the time of closing.
- In case of the User liquidation or death the present Agreement and any "Additional agreement" is considered as invalid since the day of the User liquidation or death. In this case the remainder of the monetary funds related to the payments of the User can be given to the third persons with the compliance of the order stipulated under the present agreement and “Additional agreement" at the application of these persons in case they provide with the original of the documents confirming the rights of these persons to own and dispose of this remainder. has a right to suspend giving the remainder of monetary funds in case there is a controversy between the people claiming their rights on getting it.

2. Transactions and operations
- Any management of the transaction process and/or access to the information on the course of the transaction or other operations is carried out by the User by means of addressing the exchange system, situated on the site, access to which is realized from the computer of the User or any other computer in the Internet. No other management or access to the information about the curse of transaction is available to the User and is not offered by
- ukrcash.comis responsible for providing the transaction fulfillment and/or the following operations, access to the information about the course of transaction in the system and carrying out the transactions or any of its parts by the User 24 hours a day (7 days of the week).
- The payment for the services rendered by, is carried out by the User according to the services rates. has a right to change these rates without additional notification.
- Apart from the established and/or agreed interest, payments and commissions the User pays all the telephone, telex, fax and postal expenses, done in the course of business relations with These additional expenses are written off by in non-acceptance manner from the monetary funds of the User which are in the disposal of
- User is responsible for the functionality and usability of his computer and/or some other facilities necessary for the access to the transaction settlement system via interface. is not responsible for the losses or damage appearing as a result of inability of the User to use his own facilities and/or some of its elements and/or the absence of the necessary full or partial functionality of the facilities or its elements.
- Any claim on the part of the User of improper fulfillment of User instructions by must be raised by the User of not later than within ten days after the date was given the corresponding instruction).
- is not responsible for any loss and/or damage (loss), resulting from a delay in bank payments fulfillment or electronic money transfer of the User where the day of sending or the days after sending are not working days in the country of the partner-participant, that is the receiver.
- is not responsible for mistakes, omissions or delays of payments made by banks, serving partners-participants, by a correspondent bank or e-payment system as well as it is not responsible for the consequences caused by their financial state.
- ukrcash.comis not responsible for any loss and/or damage resulting from a delay in receiving the payments from partner-participant where the day of sending or the days after sending are not working days in the country of the User and/or the Receiver.
- has a right to suspend or limit the access of the User to transaction system without prior notification of the User but not more than for 48 hours, at the same time is not responsible for any indirect, special, unpredictable or consequent loss or damage).

3.Guarding, access and connection.
- Any reference of the User to, be it electronic, written or oral, will come into force and will be valid only after its full reception by and correct identification of the User as the owner of the monetary funds, at the same time the User as the Owner of monetary funds will be responsible for all operations on his account up to this moment.
- Written messages of to the User are considered completed since the moment they were sent to the last address of the User known to

4. Altering
- reserves a right to make any amendments and changes to the rules of product (services) usage , as well as service and access to services , including the present Agreement and any "Additional Agreements ", after informing the User about these changes at his next visit to web-site.
- If modification of the offered products or services by as well as usage/access rules require User confirmation, ukrcash will send the User the appropriate notification 30 days before these modifications come into force. Up to the moment the User confirms the mentioned modifications, reserves a right to suspend service rendering to the User.

5. Taxation
- User can have any tax expenses or debts in any country - this is only User’s responsibility. will not notify User of his tax expenses or debts or be responsible for taxes under any circumstances.
- In cases when authorities require tax or debt payment of the User asa result of his refusal to pay such taxes the User agrees to reimburse any of such payments
6. Force-majeure
Neither User nor will be responsible for the delays or default on an obligation under the present Agreement or any "Additional agreements ", contracts and/or arrangements resulting from force-majeure, including (unrestricted) acts of God, acts of government or state, wars, fire, flood, explosion, terrorism, riot or civil strife, or absence, malfunctioning of power supply, internet providers or network connectins or other systems, networks or services.
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