Order status

You can check your order status: here

  • Completed - the order has been fully implemented, money has been send to customer
  • User confirmed payment - we got 3 Bitcoin/Litecoin confirmations, order will be prosside soon
  • Suspended - order suspended , contuct our support teem for more information
  • Auto sending error, we send money manual - error of automatic mode, order will be complitet in manual mode in working ours.
  • Bitcoin/Litcoin Pending - we get Bitcoin/Litecoin payment, waiting for 3 confirmations to prosside order.
  • Not paid - order still not paid or do not recive answer from payment system.

1. Schedule:
Our service processes orders and provides an assistance from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00 (GMT+2), except holidays, which are previously reported in the news on our website. Before 10:00 o’clock, after 18:00 o’clock and on Saturdays and Sundays processing orders, sending and receiving money transfers is not made.

2. Buy and sell electronic currency.

We accept orders in automatic mode, 24/7.

2.1. Withdrawal the e-currency via money transfers (Western Union, MoneyGram, etc) you can order during business hours on weekdays. Our service usually receives and sends money transfers within 3 - 4 hours, but maximum in 24 hours. But the processing speed of the order mostly depends on the time of order.

2.2. Automatic exchange directions are marked as "Automatic". Automatic orders are processed 24/7. Usually it`s take 1 - 2 min to complit automatic order, but automatic orders for exchange cripto currencis (bitcoin, litcoin) have been processed after getting 3 confirmations (30 - 50 min).

3. Consultants

Consultants are working from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00.
Our customer support can give you qualified assistance about our servises. They will do the best to resolve your problems.

4. Rates:

4.1.Our fee for exchange depends on the direction of the exchange and it is specified in the Fees.

4.2. When you make a withdrawal of e-currency with a payment system, where the fee is taken from the recipient, then you get the money minus fee of our service and minus fee of that payment system.