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What is Perfect Money?

You can deposit Perfect Money via our exchange service. You can buy Perfect Money via bank transfers in our perfect money exchanger. It is also possible to exchange other e-currencies for Perfect Money.

Payment service provider Perfect Money (PM) started operating in 2008, it is owned by Perfect Money Finance Corp, holds a financial licence of A class allowing to carry out financial operations with third party funds and precious metals. According to the representatives of Perfect Money the headquarters of the company are located in Zurich, Switzerland. Perfect Money registration data:

  • Republic of Panama
  • Company No. 596918
  • Licence No. 267339-1-596918-2008-105548
  • Edif. Neptuno, Local #7
  • Via Ricardo J Alfaro, Tumba Muerto
  • Ciudad de Panama
  • Republica de Panama
  • Tel: +(507) 202-1553
  • Fax: +(507) 996-3177

Perfect Money

The system is loyal to HYIPs thats why many of them use it as an alternative currency for accepting deposits.

Presently Perfect Money. The system is engaged in cooperation with hosting company which takes care of the system infrastructure as a whole as well as ensures 99,99% website accessibility even in case of serious DDoS attack. The website of the system is indeed very stable.

You can create two types of accounts in the system: Personal for private persons and Business for commercial establishments. The login in the system is six digit number (ID) assigned to your account. Moreover this ID is stated as an account number of the recipient while making the transfers inside the system. The Perfect Money users can take advantage of 3 types of accounts: in US dollars (USD), euro (EUR) and troy ounces of gold (GOLD). Besides the accounts created by default you can also create up to 6 additional accounts (wallets) in your account in any of these three currencies. The account number looks like U1234567, E1234567, G1234567 for US dollars (USD), euro (EUR) and gold (GOLD) wallets accordingly.

The system offers internal currency conversion. If necessary you can at any time exchange the currency available in you account for other currency at the internal system rates. The website of the system is available in 20 languages (the banners are also translated to all these languages).

Payment service provider Perfect Money is constantly developing and presently there are some peculiarities worth mentioning:Possibility of creating sub-account with separate login and password

A user can create own e-Voucher (electronic voucher) in money value (e-Voucher is a virtual prepaid card for depositing Perfect Money, the analogue of Paymer cheque in the electronic payments system WebMoney Transfer).

Ways of depositing and withdrawing in Perfect Money payment system Perfect Money.

You can deposit into your Perfect Money account in our exchanger via:

  • money transfers such as PrivatMoney, Western Union, Money Gram, Contact, Anelik and others previously specifying the details for depositing Perfect Money via money transfer from our support manager.
  • bank transfer (depositing Perfect Money via Wire Transfer);
  • exchange for currency units of other payment service providers.
You can withdraw funds from your Perfect Money account in our exchanger via:
  • money transfers such as PrivatMoney, Western Union, Money Gram, Contact, Anelik and others
  • bank transfer (withdrawing Perfect Money via Wire Transfer);

Perfect Money exchange for currency units of other payment service providers. You cam see our rates on the relevant web page. Perfect Money fees: annual service fee - $0; internal transfers — 0,5% charged from the sender.

Account protection in Perfect Money system

The system provides 3 measures of account protection which can be used at your sole discretion.
  • 1. IP checking. In case of trying to access the account from IP address that doesn't belong to the user the account is blocked and the e-mail with security code is sent to the user. There is no possibility to create the list of trusted IPs.
  • 2. «SMS authorization» (the code needed to log into the system will be sent to your mobile number). The service is paid, it costs $0,1 for one message.
  • 3/«Code card». The user receives on the e-mail address the card with graphical image of the code. To confirm the transaction the system sends the user an inquiry about random issuing the code from this card.

Moreover having logged into the account you can always see the information about the last time the system was accessed including the IP address from which the account was accessed. You can change the security settings at any time on the «Security» tab in you account.

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