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What is Okpay?

Payment system Okpay announced the move of the service to a single interface with the parent company.
The following notice is posted on the system's website:
We draw your attention to the fact that from March 28 2018, your OKPAY account will be located on the MoneyPolo domain:
In this way, we move on to a single interface with Mayzus Financial Services Ltd. (operating under the name MoneyPolo), which acquired OKPAY last year.

Enterprise clients will have to reconfigure the API.
The structure of the account and the names of the services may seem unusual, but very soon you will see in practice that this account is organized more efficiently and facilitates the work.
All your balances and other data will be saved and will be available in a new account.
All the functionality of sending money orders remains active until March 28, and you can withdraw funds and make transactions in the normal mode.
Thus, the merger of the client base Okpay and MoneyPolo and the complete liquidation of the payment system Okpay”.

OKPAY - electronic instant payments system. In 2009, OKPAY Inc. was incorporated in the British Virgin Islands. And, of course, all funds, that are in circulation within the payment system OKPAY, 100% backed by funds in the bank accounts of the company. OKPAY is an example of dynamic growing payment system. Being quite young, the system continues growing and gain new customers as well as volumes of transfers.

What is interesting in OKPAY electronic payments system?

The main feature is that OKPAY lets you to accept other e-currencies and to accumulate money in the OKPAY account. This electronic system is closer to online payments aggregators.

This is the main reason why this system is convenient for the companies that make payments through the merchant. In addition to transfers within the system, sellers can accept money within the most popular e-payment systems, including Bitcoin, W1, Yandex Money, RBK Money and Liqpay.


Also OKPAY charges one of the lowest commissions in the market on transfers inside the system - 0.5% (but no more than $ 2.99.) This commission is charged from the sender.

Ordinary users may be interested in the referral program of OKPAY system.

Talking about OKPAY, it should also be mentioned that within your account, you can fund your account in USD (U.S. dollars), EUR (Euro), GBP (Pound), CHF (Franc) and RUR (rubles).

    In your account you can use all of these currencies, so you can avoid unnecessary losses on courses, taking all payments into one account in different currencies. But if you want to exchange money, you can do it inside of your account, according exchange course of system.t

    There are a lot of restrictions for anonymous users in system, so you can receive funds to your account, but you can send from your account maximum 300 euros per month. To remove the restrictions, it is proposed to pass the verification procedure. Verification includes proof of identity, address verification and mobile phone number verification (also email verification takes place during the registration in OKPAY).

Payment systems
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