New exchange directions

Dear customers and guests of our service.

We have expanded the list of exchange directions and added new cryptocurrencies.
We have added Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin exchange for both input (buy Bitcoin Cash) and withdrawal (sell to BCH).

Automatic exchange of Bitcoin Cash to Perfect Money and in the opposite direction.
In these directions, the exchange will be fully automatic, 24/7, without operator participation.
(limits of automatic processing in the form of an exchange when submitting an order)

For getting cash, use Bitcoin Cash for VISA and MasterCard USD. The direction has some restrictions on the countries of issue of the card.

Also available is Bitcoin Cash to Paypal USD. All info under the form of exchange.

Orders are processed after 5-7 confirmations of the Bitcoin Cash network.
In the Litecoin withdrawal situation, likewise, 5-6 confirmations.

To buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in automatic mode possible for Perfect Money.

Full list of fees here. If you have any questions, please contact the support service chat for the most prompt advice on cryptocurrency exchange.