Visa / Mastercard USD

Withdrawals to Visa / Mastercard USD cards using provides a unique opportunity to withdraw funds from Bitcoin and other currencies to Visa and Mastercard cards of many countries and banks of the world.

This direction of exchange is very popular among residents of Ukraine and other post-Soviet countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Georgia and others). In addition, residents of Bulgaria, Romania, and Poland often use the services of exchanging bitcoin for USD cards Visa / Mastercard.

In order to use the bitcoin exchange service on a Visa / Mastercard card, certain conditions must be met.
  • 1. Withdrawal is possible only on your own card. Others will not be shown on the cards.
  • 2. The country of residence of the client, his citizenship and the registration of the bank in which the card is opened must match. This means that if you are a citizen of Kazakhstan, then you must live in Kazakhstan and can withdraw funds to your card opened in any bank of Kazakhstan. But at the same time, you cannot withdraw funds to your card opened in a bank of Georgia or Moldova. Also, if you are a citizen of Ukraine but are in Poland, you will not be able to withdraw to your card opened in a Polish bank. Unfortunately, banks does not accept these transactions.
  • 3. If your card is in your national currency, the funds will be credited to it at the rate of your bank at the time of enrollment of the transaction.
  • 4. Withdrawals from bitcoin, perfect money and other electronic and cryptocurrencies are possible only on debit or credit cards of the Visa and Mastercard payment systems. The transfer to the card, cards issued by various payment services and not by banks or cards of other payment systems (for example American Express or World) is not performed.

To bring Bitcoin to Visa / Mastercard, you need to pass a one-time verification. After which you can always withdraw funds to your card at loyal rates and low rates.

The list of documents is as follows:

To confirm your identity, you can submit the following documents:

1.1.Identity proof Optionally
‣ ID card (both sides without cutted sides in high quality);
‣ Color photos of the passport - the first and second page (a photo of a full pages without cut sides in high quality with readable contents); ;
2.Address proof: Required (depending on the document):
‣ Side of ID card with your address;
‣ Page of your passport with your address;
‣ The bank statement with your name and address;
‣ utility bill (for gas, water or electricity);
3.Card proof Optionally:
‣ The bank statement with your name, address and your card number;
‣ If on your card has a name, photo of the front side of your card with hidden middle of card number (first and last 4 numbers must be visible) by physical subject (pencil, cut of paper etc.);
‣ Screenshot from online-banking with your name and your card number (necessarily there is must to be web-address of online-banking page);

Verification takes place as quickly as possible (1-2 minutes) if you:
  • ‣ Filed all the necessary documents;
  • ‣ Fill out all the personal information in your account;
  • ‣ Filed documents in our working time (Mon-Fri from 9.00-18.00);
  • ‣ Immediately after submitting the documents, you’re ask us in our online chat;
After your order has been submitted, the funds will be received on your card within 1–6 business days (usually 1-2 days), depending on the bank and the country of the cardholder.

Our service supports cards issued in the following countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Turkey.
For other countries, our service works as an option.

Attention! Conclusion is impossible to cards for following countries: Russia, USA, Afghanistan, Republic of Korea, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Cote d'Ivoire, Kenya, Myanmar, Sao Tome and Principe, Syria, Tanzania, Vietnam, Yemen, India , Bangladesh, Philippines.