Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is a decentralized virtual currency.

For the beginning we’ll characterize this virtual currency with usual side. The monetary unit in the Bitcoin e-currency has the same name (Bitcoin).
Users can create a Bitcoin wallet on the official website (to download the client and create a wallet in it) absolutely freely and without any charge.
Users can send and receive their bitcoins without any problems. There is no fee for transfers inside the system.
You can buy Bitcoin via Western Union, Money Gram or another money transfer , listed on our website. Unfortunately, properties of Bitcoin does not allow us to add this direction to exchange application form on our website. That’s why if you have any questions about funding of your Bitcoin wallet, please contact our support. Currently Bitcoin is accepted by lots of online shops in all over the world.


What is bitcoin?

Now we turn to the specific properties of bitcoins. As it is described above, the Bitcoin system is included into the category of decentralized e-currencies, which is not true for the most part of other electronic currencies. It means that Bitcoin doesn’t have the center, which makes a transactions, like an office with staff and servers, which stores all the information about all the purses and all the transactions of users. And therefore they can not be come to the office , be selected the servers and be arrested of employees. So Biycoin can’t be completely lost in 1 moment like some centralized e-currency systems do sometimes. Another consequence of decentralization is the absolute irrevocability of payments - if you transfer money to another user, you have no way to return that transfer. Of course, Bitcoin don’t have the support. A pleasant moment is that your wallet can’t be blocked in case if someone think that your transfers are suspiciously large.

Small, but a nice feature of the system is the fact that the minmal amount that can be transfered is 0.00000001 BTC.
Bitcoin exchange rate is not following to a particular currency, it is constantly fluctuating. Bitcoin system don’t have real funds in bank accounts to maintain the course, as it is presented by other payment systems, but emission of bitcoins is strictly limited and they are not distributed for free, so there is a lot of peoples who are interested in maintaining and increasing the rate.

Buy/sell, were and how?

Well, now we can only guess how the course will change over time, but if you compare the current rate ( November 2013 ) with the exchange rate that was 2 years ago ( September 2011 ), the rise of bitcoins price is about 200 times. So, lots of users of the Bitcoin system just put in their money to enrich on the exchange rate difference. The best place to buy and sell Bitcoins is Exchange . One of the world's largest Exchanges is This exchange has one of the lowest prices on Bitcoins, so here you can buy bitcoin very profitably.


You can add funds to BTC-E or withdraw money from your BTC-E account via Western Union and Money Gram in the shortest time through our service. Deposit and withdrawal from the btc-e account via money transfers (Western Union and Money Gram) in our service will take you 1-4 work hour . Buying and selling of bitcoins on current exchange rates are instant . BTC-E commission for the operation - only 0.2%. So enjoy this comfortable and pleasant exchange .

Finally, it should be noted that the total emission of Bitcoins will be 21 million . And the funds that is lost by users on the lost purses , will never return to the turnover, will be lost for all users of Bitcoin forever.