Automata FX Review – is Automata Scam or Legit Broker?

Automata FX





  • Segregated Accounts
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Automata FX prides itself since the before all else automated FX broker on the planet. The business supposedly spent around $17 million on development, also it took ten years to produce the stage program. Automata FX is owned and operated by Global Profit Technologies, Inc. The automation lets FX traders to customize all parts of these trading plans. Not having margin calls, regardless of re-pricing, and plug-and-play functionality helps to ensure that customers of all skill levels may profit from the Automata FX platform. There are just three unique techniques to start trading using this specific FX brokerage, for example a controlled accounts fully for beginners, a completely unbiased plan for pros, and also institutional trading for both programmers and traders. This Forex brokerage is a breath of fresh air in an ever more populated on the web landscape.

Overview/ desktop

Automata FX began operating in 2015. The brains trust supporting the business spent ten years building the stage, and also the broad assortment of tools helping to make it easy for traders to delight in a nofrills FX trading platform. This Forex brokerage delivers an assortment of trading resources, and balances without the upfront fees demanded. The methodology utilised by Automata FX is intended for using proven ways of supply quarterly benefit goals. The business which owns Automata FX – Global Profit Technologies, Inc – published the algorithmic trading applications to Forex traders in 2015. The trading platform is fully capable of implementing trades independently. At the moment, Joseph Nemeth the CEO and chief application architect of this company said the next, ‘Automata FX will now have a unique offering through an exclusive licensing of our automated platform, which will position it as a very attractive option for an ever-growing marketplace for Forex traders. ‘

Account Types

There are just 3 exceptional account options readily available to FX traders. These contain The Managed Account, the Independent Strategy Account, as well as the Institutional Trading Account.

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Managed Account – that the handled account doesn’t want Forex traders to possess some prior experience. It uses proprietary algorithmic applications to automatically initiate trades and closure trades. You will find not any management fees incurred, also there are competitive operation fees with all the accounts. Forex traders may select FastTrack handled accounts, or conventional accounts. There’s just a minimum account size of 5,000.

Independent Strategy – that accounts type is made for traders. There are now 8 proprietary approaches accessible on this particular account option. FX traders may also utilize their particular plans on these specific accounts. There are no upfront fees on this particular account, no matter how the minimum account size is $100,000.

Institutional Trading – institutional trading balances are also accessible to qualified investors and QEPs. It’s exclusive for traders and programmers, together with presenting broker supplies and white tag solutions out there. The minimum account size for this option is 1 million.

Automata FX gift ideas fully automated trading for customers once a quick application was completed. Within two days, your website direction will produce a trader’s room accounts together with email verification concerning account preparation.

Trading Platform/ applications

The algorithmic trading platform will be aimed towards Forex traders of skill levels. It’s simply supported on MS Windows. Mac users will probably be asked to install and then use a Windows converter such as Virtual Box on their Mac OS. The automated worldwide digital brokerage is powered by Straight Through Processing (STP), and Forex traders may immediately get interbank FX quotes on all trades. The trading platform is powered by Forex-DAT. The trading platform/software might be retrieved through free PAMM accounts, different automated trading account, and handled account. These days, there’s not any portable model with the trading platform or applications, no matter how the corporation is working hard to produce a mobile-ready platform for most traders. There are no upfront charges for obtaining the Automata Platform, also it comprises low spreads and also a 1 pip automation fee per trade.

The gap in the middle of a conventional trading platform/system and automated trading applications is significant. In Automata FX, the trading automation readily available to customers automatically executes trades to you that you simply don ‘t have to. It reduces/eliminates emotionally-based trading which is typically responsible for many of the losses that come to pass in Forex trading. The platform is fully customizable, with proprietary indicators, algorithms, and commands with some 38 million possible trading setups. All trading activity is 100% transparent at all times. The technological advantages that traders enjoy at this Forex brokerage are evident in the returns that are generated. The current platform is capable of processing unlimited numbers of currency pairs, trades, and independent trading strategies. The platform also allows you to open/close trades in any direction, automatically. Since it’s always up and running, there is no need for human intervention.

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There are several aspects that make this platform better than the competitors. For starters, there is no need for complex charts and interpretations of that data. The platform automatically moves with the trend and initiates orders based on marketplace performance. Whether your FX trades are simple or complex, profits stand to be enjoyed through the highly evolved trading strategies that are built into the trading platform. Thanks to the Close All Deals feature, individual traders can hit their target objectives on open/closed trades at any time.

Deposit options

Automata FX offers bank to bank wire transfers as the only way to deposit and withdraw funds to/from your account at this brokerage. If you wired money from a bank account, the withdrawal of funds in your account will be processed back to that account. The owner of the bank account must be the similar owner of the trading account. These security measures are put in place to stamp out any fraudulent activity.


Automata FX is a Forex trading brokerage with automated trading functionality. As such, you can expect to find a full listing of major pairs, minor pairs, and exotic currency pairs. The range of marketplaces provided by this company is seen under ‘Our Offerings’. Traders can access the global marketplaces through a Managed Account, Automated Trading Accounts or a complimentary PAMM Account.


There are currently no bonuses available at this brokerage. According to Automata FX, a 20% bonus would require that the trading platform/brokerage trades against you as the client, and they do not do that.

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Customer Support

You can easily obtain in touch with customer support by clicking on the contact option from the drop-down menu. You can input your personal details and your message on the online contact form and click the submit button. Alternatively, you can simply email management at the following address: [emailprotected]. Other options include the FAQ service for the brokerage and the platform. Traders will be well pleased with the professionalism, quality, and efficiency of customer care and service, thanks to the inclusion of social media accessibility on LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Vimeo and Facebook.


Safety and security is a big deal at this trading platform/brokerage. Automata FX complies with strict rules of conduct when it comes to anti-money laundering and counterterrorist financing policies. Details of their AML and CTF policy is found by clicking on this link. This FX brokerage is domiciled in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The FSA (Financial Services Authority) is the sole authority responsible for compliance with legal frameworks (IBC Act). However, the Financial Services Authority is not a regulator of Forex trading activity. This Forex brokerage is therefore not regulated at all. On the flip side, there are fully segregated accounts for client funds and business funds.

Ease of Use

Automata FX is a little clunky to use after all it is difficult to navigate from one section of the website to another. The highly complex nature of the automated trading platform makes it less user-friendly, and better suited to tech-savvy Forex traders. It is difficult to test the Forex platforms without a demo account, and even that requires extensive paperwork and processing.

Final Thoughts

Automata FX is not regulated, and this should automatically sound alarm bells in a Forex trader’s mind. However, it is owned and operated by a reputable company and the technology that is in place is certainly impressive.

Not Regulated
Minimum Deposit:
Spreads From:
3 PIPs
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